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In Eutropium (Against Eutropius

391. "Quantum te principe possim,
non longinqua docent, domito quod Saxone Tethys
mitior et fracto secura Britannia Picto;
ante pedes humili Franco tristique Suebo
perfruor et nostrum video, Germanice, Rhenum.
sed quid agam?

[Rome speaks] "Examples near at hand testify to the extent of my power now thou art emperor. The Saxon is conquered and the seas safe; the Picts have been defeated and Britain is secure. I love to see at my feet the humbled Franks and broken Suebi, and I behold the Rhine mine own, Germanicus.

Claudian. Loeb Classical Library, 2 volumes, Latin texts with facing English translation by Maurice Platnauer: Harvard University Press, 1922. The whole can be found at LacusCurtius