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The Death of Lóegaire Buadach

1. Whence is the tragical death of Lóegaire the Victorious? Not hard to tell. Aed mac Ainninne cohabited with Mugain of the Furzy Hair. She was the wife of Conchobar; Aed was a poet of Conchobar’s. They were found out.

2. Then the poet was seized by Conchobar’s command, and the poet asked that his death might be drowning, and Conchobar granted him that; whereupon he was taken to be drowned to every lake in Ireland; and he would sing a spell upon the water so that it ebbed away until there was not a drop in it, so that there was not in Ireland any river or lake that would drown him, until they came with him to Loch Lai in front of Lóegaire’s house. He was unable to work the spell upon the lake. However, while they were engaged in drowning him, Lóegaire’s steward came out of the ltaa. ‘Woe is me, Lóegaire!’ he cried. ‘They could not find in all Ireland a place in which to drown a poet till they came to this stead.’ Lóegaire arose and took his sword in his hand; and as he was leaping forth he strikes the crown of his head against the lintel of the door, so that it took off the hinder part of his skull, and his brains were scattered over his cloak. And thereupon he slew thirty of the drowuers, and Aed escaped from them. And then Lóegaire died. So far the Tragical Death of Lóegaire.

Meyer, Kuno. The Death-Tales of the Ulster Heroes.