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Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin
The Black Book of Carmarthen
Peniarth MS 1

Currently housed at the National Library in Wales, the Black Book of Carmarthen (Peniarth MS 1) is a manuscript dating to the middle of the thirteenth century. It is believed to have been the work of a single scribe at the Priory of St. John in Carmarthen.

Much of the material is either concerned with the figures of the Dark Ages--Myrddin, Arthur, Urien, and Taliesin all appear here--there are also a number of religious poems. Also, there are a few poems by Cynddelw, bard of Madog ap Maredudd (ca. 1160). Skene does not translate his poems, so I am currently in the process of tracking down usable translations of the Cynddelw poems.

The majority of the translations I am using here are from The Four Ancient Books of Wales, by W. F. Skene, 1868. Unfortunately, they are probably not the most accurate translations, but they are the only ones which, to my knowledge, are public domain. (Even at that I'm not sure, though the book is well out of print.)

i. Ymddiddan Myrtin a Talyessin 1. The Dialogue of Myrddin and Taliesin
ii. Meigant 2. Meigant
iii. Devs ren 3. God Supreme
iv. Kervit vrten 4. The Ode to Cyridwen
v. Kynaenad keluit 5. A Skillful Composition
vi. Eneid kid im guneit 6. Soul, Since I Was Made
vii. Nac im adneirun nev 7. Let Us Not Reproach
viii. Trioedd y Meirch 8. The Triads of the Horses
ix. Moli duu innechrev a diuet 9. Let God Be Praised
x. Gogonedauc argluit hapich guell 10. Hail, Glorious Lord
xi. Arduireaue tri trined in celi 11. I Will Extol Thee
xii. Ynenu domni 12. In the Name of the Lord
xiii. Brenhin guirthvin guirth auchaw yssit 13. There Is A Graciously Disposed King
xiv. Mic Dinbych 14. Tenby
xv. Dinas Maon 15. Dinas Maon
xvi. Y Bedwenni 16. The Birch Trees
xvii. Afallen 17. The Apple Trees
xviii. Oianau 18. Listen, Piglet
xix. Englynion y Beddau 19. The Stanzas of the Graves
xx. Kygogion. Elaeth ae Cant. 20. The Cynghogion of Elaeth
xxi. Elaeth Agant. 21. Not To Call Upon God
xxii. Gereint filius Erbin 22. Gereint son of Erbin
xxiii. Duv in kymhorth 23. untranslated
xxiv. Assuynaw naut duv diamehv 24. untranslated
xxv. Tra vom kyd keredd 25. As Long As We Sojourn
xxvi. Dv dy uarch du dy capan 26. The First Song of Yscolan
xxvii. Kyntaw geir adywedaw 27. The Second Song of Yscolan
xxviii. Gvledic ar bennic erbin attad 28. untranslated
xxix. Bendith y wenwas 29. A Blessing To the Happy Youth
xxx. Lym awel llum brin 30. Keen is the Gale
xxxi. Pa Gwr 31. Arthur and the Porter
xxxii. Kanu Gwallawg 32. A Song on Gwallawg ab Lleenawg
xxxiii.Ymddiddan Gwyn ap Nudd a Gwyddno Garanhir 33. The Dialogue of Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwyddno Garahir
xxxiv. Kyd karhwine morva 34. version a); version b)
xxxv. Ymddiddan Taliessin ac Ugnach 35. The Dialogue of Taliesin and Ugnach
xxxvi. Marunad Madawc mab Maredut 36. untranslated
xxxvii. Marunad Madawc fil Maredut 37. Lament for Madawg ap Maredudd
xxxviii. Seithenhin 38. Seithenhin
xxxix. Enwev Meibon Llywarch Hen 39. The Names of the Sons of Llywarch Hen

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